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Why not enhance your special event by adding some mature trees, topiary or screening to the setting.

We are finding the hiring of plants is becoming increasingly popular as they add so much more to a setting and give it that natural feel and are of course much better value than traditional cut flowers.

We often find customers will purchase the plants before or after the hire and perhaps, will either give them away as reminders of the wedding or party or keep and plant them in their own garden. If a hire fee has already been paid then this is deducted from the purchase price of the plant.

All but the very largest trees at the nursery are available for hire, so you have a huge range of plants to choose from including multi-stem trees, large shrubs and the more formal topiary shapes.

Whilst we are pleased to advise, we recommend a personal visit to the nursery so you can see the full range of plants available and make your own selection. You are welcome to visit as far in advance as you wish in order to get some ideas and discuss your requirements, but we do not label and guarantee to hold plants for hire until two weeks before the event.

We can arrange delivery and collection of the plants you choose and will give you a price based on the size of plants and distance, or you are welcome to collect and return plants with your own transport. On arrival we are happy to position the plants where you want them (Subject to the venue being ready) and will gather up the plants when we collect.

We normally deliver a couple of days before the event and collect as soon as possible after the event. For example if you had a wedding on a Saturday we would deliver on the Thursday or Friday and collect on the Monday/Tuesday, but we are happy to fit in with your event and requirements.

The hire charges relate to the retail value of each plant and includes vat.

Please note that we mainly offer plant hire in East Anglia as the cost of transport make it unviable for long distance venues.

These are the current hire rates:

For each plant valued up to £40.00   Hire fee £20.00
For each plant valued between £41.00 to £90.00   Hire fee £30.00
For each plant valued between £91.00 to £140.00   Hire fee £40.00
For each plant valued between £141.00 to £200.00   Hire fee £50.00
For each plant valued between £201.00 to £300.00   Hire fee £60.00
For each plant valued over £300.00   Hire fee is 20% of retail value

These fees do not include delivery & collection which will be quoted separately depending on size of plants and distance. Please ask for details when discussing your plant hire.

The hirer is responsible for the care of the plants whilst in his or her possession and must guarantee to pay for any loss or damage.

A refundable deposit may be asked for and will be based on the total retail value of plants being hired.

The most important point for the hirer to remember is that the plants will need to be watered during the hire period. This is sometimes forgotten and subsequently may cause the plants to suffer and even die, in which case the hirer will be held responsible and charged for any damage or losses at the retail value.

Another point to remember is that the plants are supplied in the plastic pots they are growing in at time of hire. Most hirers cover the pots in their own style, the most popular is with material wrapped around the pot and tied with ribbon or rope.

If you wish to hang fairy lights on the plants, that’s not a problem as long as they are removed by the time we come to collect and no damage is caused to the plant.

To confirm a plant hire you need to fill out and sign a Plant Hire agreement form, please ask for details.

plant hire
plant hire
plant hire
plant hire


DATE:19 Mar 2024

The nursery is open every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Bank Holiday Mondays 10am to 5pm

After a very wet winter spring is here and the cherry blossom is coming out. We have lots of different trees many now coming into flower...



Bespoke designs in lead work made by local craftsman Brian Turner.


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